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"Most definitely the greatest vacation experience we have ever had"

Eduardo R. - Mortgage Banker
One destination : The island of Corsica-France - WildCorsica brings your next holiday to a higher level. Because we are Islanders, and not just a simple travel agency, with us, you will discover our Island and know it like nobody else does thanks to our contact network.
WildCorsica started on a simple idea : Personalized and luxuous trips to one of the most incredible destination on Earth. Traveling to the Island of Corsica with a regular Agency would not be the same experience than traveling with a professional team of locals that brings you way beyonf the tour bus.

About Corsica

"Even blind, and far, I would recognize Corsica by the scent of its macquis"

Napoléon the 1rst - Emperor of France
As soon as the sun dips down below the horizon of the Mediterranean sea, the city of Ajaccio takes on a life of its own. Guitars, singers and laughs can be heard in the tiny old streets as you get closer to one of the unique bars where you will spend your night learning more about Corsican people, having a good time with the locals..
A mix of spectacular sceneries, thriving culture, deep historical roots, fabulous cuisine, extraordinary places, beautiful villas - hotels... Corsica really deserves the word breathtaking... A unique blend of Italian and French flavors, and yet always, always inimitably Corsica. It will capture your Heart forever...

What we can do for you

Traveling to the Island of Corsica remains the most Incredible of all experiences for our clients ...

François Menassé
It is hard to describe Corsica just with words... Imagine... A blue sea, as far as your eye can see, a wild beach of white sand, with a little fresh breeze of sea air blowing on your face... you can feel the salty taste of sea on your lips, the sun is warm, the sand is hot, and you feel great...
Alone, you can feel it's healing you, far from your city's noisy streets ... Behind, the towering mountains staring at you, they keep a close eye on you, as they've kept a close eye on the Corsican people... since all these years

Enjoy a full service concierge while visiting Corsica.

24 / 7
WildCorsica is constantly thriving to bring you the best... We will handle all the logistic part of your trip for you to be able to focus only on enjoying your stay. We provide a full service concierge available 24-7. Providing personal and customized support throughout Corsica , we ease your stay and support you in all your projects, desires and needs : in all circumstances.

An exclusive choice of Corsican cosmetics products you can order.

Can be shipped - Made in Corsica
Corsica is also knowned for its little yellow flower : L'immortelle - The everlasting flower - As it never, never wither. Scientists found it has magical anti aging properties ...

Handmade Corsican "charcuterie", refined and selected just for you.

Can be shipped (*) - Made in Corsica
Discover years of knowledge in a set of handpicked local products, Ham from the wild pigs, Cheese from our cows and sheeps, Sweet Cakes made from old recipes and more ...

A panel of Corsican wines at your fingertips.

Can be shipped
Corsican wine is well known for bringing the mediteranean sun to your taste buds. All the flavors of Corsica in a simple bottle ...

Missing or willing to discover Corsican music ?

Estimate uppon request.
Whether you be in Corsica or somwhere else arround the World, if you want to hear guitars and Corsican songs just for you, we can take care of it ...

We can handle sailers as well, on many of the harbors arround the island

Estimate uppon request.
As Corsica is an Island, we also provide our services to sailors. Partnering with the best providers arround the shore, improve your experience of Corsica thru our services

Private transportation for travelers on the rush

Estimate uppon request.
Optimize your travel time, guaranteeing safety, comfort and privacy ...

What people say?

In all honesty my family was really taken back by how incredible we enjoyed ourselves , we all agreed that Corsica has probably been one of the top 3 vacation experience we've ever had, if not the best one.

Eduardo R. - Mortgage Banker - Miami Beach, FL

What people say?

The Cuisine was spectacular, the restaurants at Ajaccio were out of this world !

Javier R. - New Delhi, INDIA

What people say?

Attention to very personal service , detail making it by far the most enjoyable vacation of all times… WildCorsica made it really happen and superseded all of our expectations !

Zoe Marie B. - Puerto Rico


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